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Common JSP Title 8: JSP's basic concepts

JSP subject 1, jsp built-in objects which are what the role of

Answer: JSP total of the following nine kinds of basic built-in component (ASP-6 with the corresponding internal components):

request the client request, this request will be included from the GET / POST request parameters

response page returned to the client's response

pageContext property website is here to management

session and requested the session on

application servlet content being implemented

used to send out the output response

config servlet framework components

page JSP page itself

exception for the error page, not the exception capture

JSP Title 2, jsp which were what action role

Answer: JSP total of the following six kinds of basic actions

jsp: include: when the page is requested the introduction of a file.

jsp: useBean: Find or instantiate a JavaBean.

jsp: setProperty: Set JavaBean properties.

jsp: getProperty: output to a JavaBean property.

jsp: forward: the request to a new page.

jsp: plugin: according to the type of browser plug-ins for the Java generated OBJECT or EMBED tag

JSP title 3, JSP dynamic and static INCLUDE INCLUDE difference?

A: Dynamic INCLUDE with jsp: include action to achieve

It always checks the changes contained in the document, suitable for containing dynamic pages, and can be parameterized

Include pseudo-code with static INCLUDE to achieve, will not check the changes contained in the file for static page that contains

JSP title 4, JSP commonly used commands

isErrorPage (whether to use the Exception object), isELIgnored (if overlooked expression)

JSP title 5, JSP and Servlet What are the similarities and differences, what is the link between them?

Answer: JSP Servlet technology is an extension, in essence, is the easy way to Servlet and more emphasis on the application of the appearance of expression. JSP compiled a "class servlet".

Servlet and JSP The main difference is that, Servlet application logic in the Java file, and completely from the HTML layer separated from the inside. The situation is Java and JSP HTML can be combined into one extension. Jsp file.

Focus on the view JSP, Servlet mainly for control logic.

JSP subject 6, Jsp and Servlet requests are forwarded separately in how?

JSP forwarding a request through the standard action to complete; Servlet forwards the request can be forward () method to implement.

JSP title 7, jsp What are implicit objects? Effects are what?

HttpServletRequest request request that object. It contains information about the browser requests, and provide a few for access to cookie, header, and session data in useful ways.

HttpServletResponse response response that object, and provide a few for setting the response sent back to the browser means (such as cookies, header information, etc.)

javax.jsp.JspWriter out out object is an instance, and provides several ways to make your return to the browser can be used to send output.

pageContext pageContext represents a javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext object. It is used to facilitate access to a diverse range of name space, servlet-related objects of the API, and packing a common method of servlet-related functionality.

session session that a request javax.servlet.http.HttpSession object. Session to store user state information

application applicaton that a javax.servle.ServletContext object. This helps to find the servlet engine and servlet environment information

config config object represents a javax.servlet.ServletConfig. The object used to access the servlet instance initialization parameters.

page page that the page generated from a servlet instance

run-time exception that generated JSP page exception

JSP subject 8, the two methods are what jump? What is the difference?

A: There are two, namely:

Shift include the former page is not referring to the page, only display the results page, the main page or the original page. After the implementation will return the equivalent of function calls. And can take parameters. The latter a complete shift to a new page, will not come back. Equivalent to go to statement.

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