Monday, October 25, 2010

Ningbo Import and Export trade playing every day, King Abacus

Recently, Ningbo Import and Export Corporation and Ningbo Jiangbei every day, honest software company formally signed the new, bright in the spring of April, playing, gold abacus.

Import and Export Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo daily medicine Street, the business know that in the era of competition in the market the importance of enterprise informatization construction, so hopefully with the support of information management, gradual reform of enterprise management mode and integrate corporate information resources, optimizing business processes, improve supervision and management companies.

After repeated exposure study to assess the many well-known software vendors, end gold abacus B Standard Edition A package with its advanced technology and perfect service system, the successful application cases and other advantages to customers stand out. The spring season, the Golden Abacus B Standard Edition A package offered by management of import and export bills, cash banking, payroll and accounts payable and other solutions to the human nature and scientific advantages of access to the daily management of import and export company persons of all ages. After careful consideration, after repeated study, the enterprise information construction in Ningbo Jiangbei important task to the new software company in the hands of honest.

This cooperation, import and export Co., Ltd. with Golden Abacus every day business process sorted out, for the development of enterprises laid a solid platform. The face of new historical opportunities and challenges, the company name of wishful "golden plan" moving forward into a more brilliant spring sunshine.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rising drug war Kaspersky million reward

Foreign and domestic anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky anti-virus software vendors between Rising "manslaughter" incident escalation. Yesterday, Rising lawyers issued a statement the company, said that already know a lot of conclusive evidence that the gunman repeatedly Kaspersky employed Forum Rising malicious slander the company, alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and offering a reward of 1 million collected more more evidence on the Kaspersky company international prosecution. Kaspersky said the company did not respond to the incident.

According to industry sources, the incident reflected the domestic anti-virus software market, highly competitive, in order to achieve a commercial purpose, there are companies against each other undesirable phenomena.

Rising: Kaspersky defamation

Rising newspaper in a statement issued yesterday said that since the September 2006 date, the company employed more than Kaspersky forum, blog media company and a large number of forums gunmen (including part of the forum moderators and webmaster), impersonate the user name, by exaggerating the Kaspersky product features, and declared that "Rising product unusable," "can not find the virus," and so wantonly slandered Rising brand and product image, to mislead and deceive the public, and caused the company to the Rising The adverse social impact of serious violations of the Rising legitimate rights and interests of the company's goodwill, the company has seriously affected the normal operation of Rising and caused huge economic losses. Kaspersky companies such acts have been alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and constitutes defamation. Meanwhile, the Rising company also faxed to the newspaper part of the evidence at their disposal a sample.

Meanwhile, the company Rising said yesterday, in view of the company hired several Kaspersky Forum Communications and the gunmen, the company on the Rising up to 9 months of malicious attacks, the company announced Rising, offering a reward of one million yuan to the community to continue to solicit relevant evidence. Was limited to collecting the evidence, on behalf of Kaspersky Labs Forum Communications Rising attacks and forum gunmen (including some of the moderator), on the forum slander, attack behavior Rising commercial contracts, organizational planning, communication, correspondence and tasks , remuneration and other information that the specific approach will reward announced in recent days.

Kaspersky still remain silent

Rising said in a statement, will be asking for more evidence, filed an international lawsuit against Kaspersky, and related media company forum, forums gunmen (including some of the moderator) sued the company and personal commitments related to civil and Criminal and all legal responsibility and compensate all the economic losses.

20, said in a statement on the incident will not make any response to the Kaspersky Chinese companies still remain silent yesterday.

Kaspersky newspaper reporter called the marketing department of China, a dish lady told reporters that at present the company's statement did not make any response Rising. Chinese companies in the Kaspersky site, the reporter saw only 20 issued on "Kaspersky response to killing Rising card" statement, and on May 22 released "Kaspersky not manslaughter China Taiwan Area Windows XP, cause system crashes explanatory notes. "

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Utilize all practical use of small floating window all captures Thunder 5.9

Although computer technology, communication technology, software and hardware technology has greatly developed, but two issues remain to download all of particular interest: First, download the speed, the second is the download file management. In fact, download the file management is a highly technical skills, have a good grasp, we can save a lot of time. Download the file now is not only capacity, but in larger quantities we do file management to avoid duplication of efforts, and effectively reduce our stress, so we have a command of armed forces the cool, calm and confident. Although computer technology, communication technology, software and hardware technology have greatly developed, but the download still is our two issues of particular concern: First, download the speed, the second is the download file management. In fact, download the file management is a highly technical skills, have a good grasp, we can save a lot of time. Download the file now is not only capacity, but in larger quantities we do file management to avoid duplication of efforts, and effectively reduce our stress, so we have a command of armed forces the cool, calm and confident.

1, for the first time is very important to set the download folder

By default, the Thunder 5.9 download folder will be set to C: TDDOWNLOAD, but this is not fixed, in the first download we can change it. Figure 1, when installed Thunder 5.9, it will require us to set the default download folder, then you can click "Browse" button to set.

Figure 1 for the first time set the download folder

Second, set our own warehouse

5.9 The main interface in the Thunder right-click "has been downloaded," 鈫?under the arrow button, then right-click a category under which, such as "TV" item, choose "Properties" command (Figure 2), and then open the window in on the corresponding folder can be set up (Figure 3), and also can select the appropriate icon.

Figure 2 ready to open the Properties window

Figure 3 to set download folder on their own


鈽?Do not download folder on the C drive on the system as the default installation of Windows on it, will create temporary files in the above and the page file, the speed will affect the C drive. With most software will be installed by default in C: Program Files folder, over time, will be C drive runs out of space. At this time, often because the C drive will not download space themselves suspended. The hard mass and "When the bread is selling" low-cost era, can modify the download location, to point to a better, bigger hard drive, so you can improve download speed.

鈽?To use the NTFS partition as our Download: With the increase of Internet data, and now more than 4GB of files are there (such as high-definition movies). Therefore, we must format NTFS partition hard disk mode. For such operation is very simple, you install Windows XP/Vista/7, will the remaining partitions in the "Disk Management" in the hard disk, select the file system is NTFS can.

Third, add yourself to download categories

By default, the Thunder is in the "Download" folder set up a "video", "music", "software" and "game" the four categories. In fact, we can create your own folder, select the "Downloaded" item, right-click, select "Add Category" command (Figure 4), after in the window shown in Figure 5, the new own category, and can specify the appropriate folder to save the file. In this way, our future download, you can save in their own category in the (Figure 6).

Figure 4 ready to add categories

Figure 5 manually download new category

Figure 6 to save the download to a new category

Fourth, you can always move the category

Downloaded resources, we can easily use the mouse to drag and drop it into another category (Figure 7, is a direct drag and drop with the mouse), shown in Figure 8 after the pop-up prompt window, you can confirm .

Figure 7 Drag and drop of resources to another category

Figure 8 confirmed that resources move to another category

5, also can customize the level of

It should be noted that the definition of our own download section also can change their level. For example we can use the mouse to the new "books" drag and drop to the "mobile phone" next (Figure 9), this is not the looks more clear out? Mastery of the operation, you can download free resources to establish the classification and level. This is for people who download a lot of resources are very useful.

Figure 9 with the mouse drag and drop type

Sixth, resources can always drag

We can try to direct resources to the task list using the mouse drag and drop task. This can be a good classification of these tasks, and to their favorite and important into the top, secondary into the following, which embodies the principles of resource management principles. Figure 10 is that we are drag and drop resources to re-display its position, Figure 11 is a drag and drop the result. STORM Figure 10 below in Foobar2000, but Figure 11 has been in the top of the Foobar2000.

Figure 10 Drag and drop to organize resources

Figure 11 has been arranged in order of resources over

7, a more intelligent name

Thunder 5.9 also features built-in intelligent naming, shown in Figure 12, in download an mp3, we can see the original file name to download address appears as "defend.mp3", but the Thunderbolt 5.9 Recognition of this document, and automatically Save the file name changed to "[Evonne Hsu] Lily - Evonne Hsu. mp3". This is a very intelligent, and very easy to use and resource management, a feature!

Figure 12 Auto Smart Naming


In Figure 12, the default extension has not been selected, we can easily modify the file name of the Lord, this is a very intelligent place.

8, concerned about the context menu after the download resources

Resources for the download is complete, try right-click the, you can see a lot of commands that can help us deal with a lot of things, such as rename, send the file to copy to the clipboard at the middle (Figure 1.3). So that we no longer around to find these commands very often want everything in the right.

Figure 1.3 Right-processing Download resources


Windows had this feature to operate, often right-click will always be surprises!

9, at any time rename

If you download the file names that do not comply with their own personality, you can right-click in the Thunder resources, select "Rename", then open the window can be modified. It is relatively intelligent, with options available Let us choose, you can even rename the extension (Figure 14). However, under normal circumstances, do not modify the extension in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Figure 14 is rename a file

With this management skills, is not for downloading the management of resources more confident?


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Private hospital, why are white Fujian Youyizuozhuang 80 per?

Many friends have told me angry, now it's only in the newspaper "rampant" do all sorts of full-page or half-page ad in the private hospital care, 80% to 90% in Putian, Fujian are in control of a gang of Youyi, You must not believe. Why? "Because, after anywhere from several thousand into as many as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands spent, not Taoguang your pocket will not let go of." Although the friend, then a little one-sided, but it is another example of a number of private hospitals practice in the community have produced a bad reputation and bad impression. Now, some had to do sexually transmitted diseases, skin diseases Youyi have completed the primitive accumulation, the feet have come ashore, through the acquisition of medical license and hosting operations, etc., began to put some of the original by the government into their own small state-owned hospitals money-making tools, in order to cleanse the past, some of the stain and original sin, they pay great attention to their cosmetic and landscaping. In order to increase credibility, especially to meet the patient's identity, and some in Singapore or Hong Kong-registered company, and then bounce back to foreign investment, foreign identity and seek cooperation in public hospitals and began sexually explicit. But regardless of what hung Medical Group 脳 脳, 脳 脳 investment management group, or the so-called Hong Kong, Singapore, like the "foreign" status, it plainly, many people are well aware.

According to "look mixed with the East Weekly" reported back in 1998, the Chinese crackdown on the first person Hai You Yi at that time rampant venereal disease had started a long investigation. He found that the majority rule was sexually Youyi China came from the same place: Putian Eastern Town. These people courageous enough to dare to say that no patient who is sick; dare to ten yuan a bottle of medicine sold more than 200 yuan; dare to rule on a course of disease treatment 10. Today, they face-lift to open private hospitals in order to recover costs as soon as possible even at the risk a lot of advertising to attract patients momentum eyeball attention. Prior to this, because they are hosting the hospital, were the first or the Chinese Medicine Hospital, People's Hospital, like the call, easy to get the trust of patients, we thought, or public hospitals, but in reality they are good at Putian who would sexually transmitted diseases, skin disease, infertility, cosmetic surgery and other subjects into hospital profits, and then to advertise to attract patients.

Frankly, Putian people into the private hospital is not a bad thing, as a profit-making institutions, money is not a sin. Anything more, today's health care market competition is tough, why do people have such courage in Putian and boldness of vision, bringing capital, bring technology to other areas on the first try but few people is interested then? After all, people still have a certain vision of Putian, although much of their education, but the courage to open up the courage to have to be very impressive. They operate a flexible means to a certain extent, to the health care market has brought new ways of thinking, to break the monolithic health care industry, dull, dull conservative atmosphere. Terrible is their way of quick success of the crazy money worship, coupled with the lack of professional marketing plan and targeted means of communication, lack of professional and technical personnel and agencies involved, confusion and other problems made the strategic orientation driven by the interests of any service model are marked by money first imprint, are lukewarm. Is not it? Advertising and hiring high cost of high-level experts were ultimately have to bear. It is understood that many private hospitals offering basic Putian who are primary school or middle school, these people to run the hospital, say they have long-term vision, based on brand strategy, a real doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of harmony, foster awareness of integrity, which step is quite distant.

In recent years, Blue Ocean Colombian intelligence agencies pay close attention to international marketing consultant and the survival and development of private hospitals, like litanies, overwhelming medical advertising behind the twenty-first century, Putian people should no longer be the kind of quick success nineties, fraud 蹇芥偁The Youyi mentality, should establish credibility, enhance branding, and pragmatic management to make vigorous efforts, a down firmly service quality, genuine action to reflect the people-oriented principles of life, while working to improve the well-known reputation must not be ignored. Just think, at this stage it besides uninterrupted Ads, no other on the best way to it? This is worthy of serious food for thought. Personally, I think, in the new period should be, as advocated by the Party Central Committee as to the scientific concept of development point of view, from a desire for building a harmonious society, with practical actions to build good "people" brand works and the conscience of the works, and not always never forget to patients with a soft knife, triggered credit crisis at the same time, do not avoid the policy of the State under the strict supervision of walking a fine line, abused and lead it, will only make people increasingly questioned, resentment, anger, eventually marginalized by the market dangerous.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Common JSP Title 8: JSP's basic concepts

JSP subject 1, jsp built-in objects which are what the role of

Answer: JSP total of the following nine kinds of basic built-in component (ASP-6 with the corresponding internal components):

request the client request, this request will be included from the GET / POST request parameters

response page returned to the client's response

pageContext property website is here to management

session and requested the session on

application servlet content being implemented

used to send out the output response

config servlet framework components

page JSP page itself

exception for the error page, not the exception capture

JSP Title 2, jsp which were what action role

Answer: JSP total of the following six kinds of basic actions

jsp: include: when the page is requested the introduction of a file.

jsp: useBean: Find or instantiate a JavaBean.

jsp: setProperty: Set JavaBean properties.

jsp: getProperty: output to a JavaBean property.

jsp: forward: the request to a new page.

jsp: plugin: according to the type of browser plug-ins for the Java generated OBJECT or EMBED tag

JSP title 3, JSP dynamic and static INCLUDE INCLUDE difference?

A: Dynamic INCLUDE with jsp: include action to achieve

It always checks the changes contained in the document, suitable for containing dynamic pages, and can be parameterized

Include pseudo-code with static INCLUDE to achieve, will not check the changes contained in the file for static page that contains

JSP title 4, JSP commonly used commands

isErrorPage (whether to use the Exception object), isELIgnored (if overlooked expression)

JSP title 5, JSP and Servlet What are the similarities and differences, what is the link between them?

Answer: JSP Servlet technology is an extension, in essence, is the easy way to Servlet and more emphasis on the application of the appearance of expression. JSP compiled a "class servlet".

Servlet and JSP The main difference is that, Servlet application logic in the Java file, and completely from the HTML layer separated from the inside. The situation is Java and JSP HTML can be combined into one extension. Jsp file.

Focus on the view JSP, Servlet mainly for control logic.

JSP subject 6, Jsp and Servlet requests are forwarded separately in how?

JSP forwarding a request through the standard action to complete; Servlet forwards the request can be forward () method to implement.

JSP title 7, jsp What are implicit objects? Effects are what?

HttpServletRequest request request that object. It contains information about the browser requests, and provide a few for access to cookie, header, and session data in useful ways.

HttpServletResponse response response that object, and provide a few for setting the response sent back to the browser means (such as cookies, header information, etc.)

javax.jsp.JspWriter out out object is an instance, and provides several ways to make your return to the browser can be used to send output.

pageContext pageContext represents a javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext object. It is used to facilitate access to a diverse range of name space, servlet-related objects of the API, and packing a common method of servlet-related functionality.

session session that a request javax.servlet.http.HttpSession object. Session to store user state information

application applicaton that a javax.servle.ServletContext object. This helps to find the servlet engine and servlet environment information

config config object represents a javax.servlet.ServletConfig. The object used to access the servlet instance initialization parameters.

page page that the page generated from a servlet instance

run-time exception that generated JSP page exception

JSP subject 8, the two methods are what jump? What is the difference?

A: There are two, namely:

Shift include the former page is not referring to the page, only display the results page, the main page or the original page. After the implementation will return the equivalent of function calls. And can take parameters. The latter a complete shift to a new page, will not come back. Equivalent to go to statement.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guo Wei, CEO of God Code: I not only more chaos Chuluanbujing also more exciting

The picture shows the president and CEO of Digital China Guo Wei

Sina Technology News at half past ten on the 16 June, CEO of Digital China Guo Wei, president and chief guest Sina president of online, on the IT services, software, and even the development of Digital China to make communication with our users. The following chat Record: [video]

Host: users Hello everybody, welcome guests time to enter Sina chat room. Today's guests are Digital China, Mr. Guo Wei, president and CEO. Guo Wei, president of distinctive character is one of the industry. Promoting and shaping in his next, Digital is the industry angular one of the enterprises. Today invited Mr. Guo Wei, chat with online friends with IT services, chat about Digital China, talk to Mr. Guo Wei's personality governance. First call upon Mr. Guo Wei, and we say hello.

Guo Wei: Good morning you friends! Fortunate enough to chat with Sina and netizens.

Moderator: Mr. Guo Wei earlier when we introduced the "personality" is used. Or briefly recall Mr. Guo Wei's Description: Lenovo 2000 spin-off, Digital China successfully listed in 2001; industrial strategy completed in 2002 the layout, establishing the core IT services. 2003, burned by the first quarter earnings, but the subsequent implementation of the strategy to achieve good results, but the distribution of Digital and traditional increasingly distant, in the face of God code "transformation", the doubts, the pressure on employers never abatement, but has Chuluanbujing Guo Wei, a tempered into a steel professional manager, he has deal with the unpredictable changes in the market exclusive tool - able to learn.

In this short profile, the reference to "Chuluanbujing", "tempered into a steel", and "good at learning." But we have to ask Mr. Guo Wei, how you see yourself 5 years come this? Which character?

Guo Wei: the 5 years I and my colleagues, should be a bloody battle, suffered many setbacks in the face of the very many challenges, I and my partners are fortunate that Digital China spin-off performance will be better than When doubled, the layout of business from traditional IT services business out of the new vision. The development of a business is a so-called borderless, how do the light bulb from a power generation system eventually become service providers.

If support for Digital, or support my own 5 years of work to do this, I think, two: one is responsible, because I think from then spun off, spun off from Legend Group, burdened with the old one generation entrepreneurs associations and expectations for my sustenance. They hope that after ten years of honing think this really could develop an industry leader Ye Hao a, or a new entrepreneur.

There is also a responsibility to these people, then the time out to have more than 1000 employees, these employees if they continue in the association to work, may be more success, and of course, Lenovo was also made strategic adjustments to make a number of layoffs. Also hard to say. But at least the feeling at that time, I have a been treated well, being think much. So I think we should not let them, they come out with a new world out further and further to make this business better, to make this company be respected, they also the same as they were respected in the association.

Another point is the investment and my business partner, because in a sense, he is already a symbol, an we expect, because the investors were in very difficult circumstances, when a lot of spin-off investment people to invest in us, because we all know, 01 years. COM bubble burst just for the IT people are very reluctant to invest. But at that time to invest in us, I think we saw in this team, especially one of my expectations, so I think it well.

Another over the years we have thousands of partners, hundreds of customers, it should be said that they have formed between us very close relationship, coupled with hundreds of suppliers, this relationship, I think there is 1.1 harmed the feeling that this is a responsibility. Of course, Beijing, China Youth Federation's leadership, including the central leading comrades, after we split, many comrades to the company to see us and gave us a lot of guidance, but also to a lot of encouragement.

I remember now the National People's Congress Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman has told me that when I go to school, the door has a small grocery store, until I graduated, has not changed over the decades, when I return home , still there, in Shanghai, because he studied in Shanghai, said Guo Wei you do this business into a small grocery store, it is actually a good expectation, hope you are very good growth, which is also a responsibility.

The picture shows the president and CEO of Digital China Guo Wei

Moderator: You talked about the responsibility of the word. Will it be as your commitment to employees and investors, these points true?

Guo Wei: For now, just a little sorry for investors, because our stock is not ideal, the other side also are plausible, at least inside my own heart can also masturbation. But the shares that is some regret.

Moderator: Speaking of investors, you say you are not live, the outside world took note, Digital scale much smaller than the association, and we go outside, you know Lenovo and Yang of the many less aware of Digital China. When do you plan as big as he, even more than your brothers?

Guo Wei: I think probably the short term, from the turnover, I think I may have been unable to catch up or to celebrate they are now the size of element. As they completed this year acquired IBM's PC after more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, we are only 100 billion yuan, is not to say a determination can be achieved, and the need opportunities, need to process many, many conditions need to be done.

User: Digital business has now by the simple product agents to self-product transition, more of which may have major difficulty is the brand of the problem in the minds of most consumers, God code or a product agent, a sales-dominated company rather than the technology leader in enterprise, for some period before the rumors, God code to expand peripheral want to buy Shida, ask Mr Guo, from the strategic level the company is not such a consideration?

Guo Wei: investors and the industry may be a friend to our expectations, want us to buy, but this is not to be able to do, which requires conditions, investors are like, what is the direction of investors, which there are many factors in it, not so simple you want to be able to do.

Moderator: But you just have stressed the opportunity, how do you like to find opportunities? Optimistic about what development opportunities?

Guo Wei: as Digital China, we did settle down a goal, in addition to traditional distribution outside the field, we hope to software services which have some growth, then settle down to become the first brand in China IT services, or leading brands. This is a major strategic objective. So our whole company is to do around this goal. Today that the distribution of the time, no one doubts is the first brand of Digital China, if the software services covering all eventualities, we have size 30 Jige Yi, the figure is large enough.

But in addition to other figures, there are many other capabilities, many other manifestations, including just now you mentioned that Digital China is no technical content of the company, I disagreed, I think that Digital China is very technical content of technology company, we have three more than 1000 software professionals who are doing some of the projects are of major national knowledge innovation project, some of our products with international standards, including our development team, these things are that we have a good technical content. Our financial solutions, tax solutions, in the manufacturing, ERP solutions, I think we are leading. Of course, companies with more than a lot of brothers, including domestic and transnational, and we also have many deficiencies, but also need to learn from them, but we will firm development towards this goal is to become the leading IT service type brand.

User: Digital China is now the most profitable business is the distribution business, but why do the less profitable IT software services department?

Guo Wei: He said right. We did a bit of software services praised in feeling, but I think you should know that a new business, especially since the business was the need for a input stage, including such companies as Microsoft, he was a total of seven career Department, then the real money is the operating system and OFFICE, another 5 did not make money, and even some losses, but this is a strategic layout, if no such strategic layout, I think where it's staying power, and the Divine digital as well. With the popularity of IT in China, applications will become increasingly important, I used to say, we can take the United States, Japan, the European example, we see the demand on the IT, software and services accounted for the market 65 to 70, China over the transfer, only two dozen of China's services. But I would like to plan ahead and develop the layout, I think it is valuable, so enterprises need to do a long-term business, not just the pursuit of my current interests.

Moderator: You have a soft-Bo was speaking, there are short, Digital China now have independent intellectual property rights of software products over the past five years, which grew 20 times, but users have a problem, industry application software with great development potential in this area software companies, application level is not high now, will become an important factor restricting the development of software? Digital China in the development of other software that one, you how to break through this barrier?

Guo Wei: I think it is a scale, profit Gaobu Gao, operating profit is not high does not mean the company is not good, because it was put on, you have to open up new markets, the money should go to vote, to move forward go, you have to expand your solution to the so-called module or product line, to track the international advanced things, these require a lot of money to investment.

Otherwise a lot of companies that engage in research and development, R & D is really engaging in a costly matter, including the then chief Huawei told me about, I asked how he engaged in R & D can do a good job, he also said that you do R & D to be on a certain scale, you should think through this thing, and we feel that we should go in this direction. How much is not too important today, we must expand the scale, if the scale once the up later, I think this stuff up on the natural.

Moderator: I remember you mentioned a data, Digital software, there are three thousand employees, talk about your software strategy, consider how you like it? How to achieve the kind of scale?

Guo Wei: I think our software strategy is a center around the needs of customers around the industry solution, which is a center. Then we have a hundred million, a product that is this line, we will develop around a lot of middleware integration technology, etc., there are 100 million through the software outsourcing, software outsourcing abroad by learning the modes of production to reduce our cost, which is 200 million. The establishment of one hand with the consulting capabilities of industry experts, introduce Ye Hao, say, finance and manufacturing, we already have a very rich, and now have accumulated a lot of experience. We did a series of programs through research and development also produced a number of technologies with independent intellectual property products.

For instance, we have a product that when applied in the tax industry, can be non-programming, as long as the plan by your logic out of this connection can be achieved on your system. The increase in labor productivity on the great, and our business people to make a simple training they can use such a development to develop, these are the very high benefits, at a recent implementation of a project of Jinan rent only took two months, the past is hard to imagine. That is what I talk about integration technologies and building technology Ye Hao, making the results applied.

In addition, we established a software outsourcing, making the cost of decreasing the one hand, reduce the cost of services, and the other to support our overall understanding of the industry. The one hand, the pursuit of differentiation strategies, on the one hand is the pursuit of low-cost strategy, I believe this is our basic strategy, the entire software development strategy in terms of is this.

Moderator: Is it can be understood in the future, Digital software distribution to be more important than that, is it?

Guo Wei: like that of traditional power generation and aircraft engine which important, not so speak. As long as the business world or a region which is leading this business are very important, because this is a competitive environment, so important is not important to look at the business in a competitive environment which is respectable.

Moderator: We change the subject, you just talked about the current stock price so that you feel against my investors and investors to what you put on some pressure?

Guo Wei: Fortunately, our investment people are very supportive of my transition, that the development of this new business, I think this is my lucky place, because many investors want us to software doing so and Dangran From my own terms, to balance the current performance and long-term relationship between the enterprise value, as the software itself in the current term, particularly in the last 5 years which is basically put on, so the current performance is negative impact, but from the stock point of view, the recent capital market point of view, is to require high-growth, I want to meet the growing demands of the money would be set aside to do other aspects, this is the pressure, great. Including among some mistakes are with these stress-related, in order to maintain a high growth, to bear the risk to open up a new field, of course, turn around and speaking, do not do this thing has nothing, I think this process was still hope from me, they want to continue to maintain 20% to 30% growth, and those were my thoughts. Of course, now we down this target, we become to maintain double-digit growth on it.

Moderator: The pressure exerted yourself to own it?

Guo Wei: I think it should be imposed for ourselves, as just said, mentioned that it is a duty, there is one point which is a mission, I think our generation, in addition to investors, shareholders, employees outside. There is also a social responsibility, the application of the Internet in China, or raise the level of modernization of the whole, I think our generation must do. So I think the reason why our company name is called Digital China, in fact, the English name is the digitized China. How one is able to some of China's information industry to provide a means to enhance their competitiveness in the market, I think this is a mission. Including information on the process of government, make our best effort, and this is our mission.

Moderator: You just mentioned the error, we note the changes and Toshiba, and the Great Wall together yet casual, experimental and cell phone service back after the defeat, which counted as failures, or in the study were paid tuition?

Guo Wei: Great Wall, and Toshiba should not, this is a normal change, and these changes are very active, able to understand this situation, by communicating with both sides to promote the phone is completely passive, it is a great setbacks, the phone business is the result we were anxious.

Moderator: You are good at learning more, you feel that your learning what it Digital?

Guo Wei: I might more natural to accept new things faster, especially on information received up things a bit faster, so so so I kept on driving the company to accept new things.

Another said that learning how to drive an enterprise-wide systems thinking, this is more important, in fact, not too difficult to learn one thing, but how to organize a very difficult thing to learn, I sometimes layers cadres of the request, either with groups or fixed strategy Ye Hao, the core question is whether systems thinking to lead a team that is very important. Thinking through the system to learn a new organizational learning, or called learning organizations.

Moderator: In the learning process, the delivery of tuition fees of his life?

Guo Wei: Of course be very large.

Moderator: For example, the failure of business such as mobile phones, it also left for his last?

Guo Wei: Yes, this is one, but it is just to see. Do not see a lot, to spend a lot of energy, sometimes think it is not the work of these efforts are ineffective, to promote one thing. May be one thing to say three times, saying that five times so that we can understand. Because you are from a traditional business to a new business process transformation, the concept is very important, including the mobile phone business we do, it is important that our business philosophy and the mobile phone business itself is not the right fit, we have knowledge of the industry , our new business talent and original, some talent might be some differences and differences in what happens to you adjust these things.

Including the most recent we say you are entrepreneurs or professional managers, or between the two different, but how one is able together.

Moderator: Can you cite one small example, give a yet to be known outside the fees you pay, how you like to reverse these things for?

Guo Wei: For example, we had to separate the hardware and software, are integrated inside the original, integrated hardware with the past should be said that software, people to buy the hardware you need to do something for me, the software does not give money to, or for very little money. But we have to get to do a single integrated software into the client software, software personnel interested him, so we in 2001 decided to split up the software, that software itself is more valuable, the value of the hardware will be increasingly low . In this case, the original people who led the business largely to hardware-based, how he can accept from the protagonist into a supporting role, this is a very big impact. I spent a long time, one level to the meeting, but that also make money when the protagonist, a software start losing money, the first year should be said that nearly 4,5 million lost, and we go to vote, but also does not include the money we invest. But the hardware is still time to make money, it should be supporting.

Not just a supporting role, including assessment and incentives, for a simple, profitable business is not money, but the software that we consider the long-term business, or expensive software professionals, we need to give incentives how these things like the design structure of the organization, how do we go to orientation, the cost is enormous. Bluntly speaking, had the industry's first all replaced, that is, they are not able to adapt to these changes, there may be software, but not business experts, we replaced both experts in the software is the ability to operate, Some of our own culture, it is airborne to do, like how to do this airborne, we have to get one-way Rotary launched, this price is great. Actually, we do DOS system was the first time, we had to do in a province of the very successful, many of which China Mobile's rating, we have always ranked first.

However, as was understanding of the software business, there is bias, and we hope to go according to specialization, hope to go development, engineering, sales, and then break the concept of the industry, this change can be the timing is inappropriate manipulator, the whole team on the loose , and we have the best rating from the China Mobile team, became a negative team. Like to reverse the situation step by step how to do, this is the price we learn that the damage cost of cultural connotations in fact even more difficult than the loss. Loss is a tumor has been exposed, cut finished. But this thing does not know right or wrong, the test takes a long time to know right or wrong, but also in the process, everyone will consider some of their own interests, when he made these decisions, be like this Some things, I think all we pay.

Moderator: Speaking of your Chuluanbujing, after you split, how many times chaotic situation?

Guo Wei: this too much, from the spin-off the start face this problem, because I have a little personality is not only Chuluanbujing, but the more experience the more exciting things, this may be a character trait I am very willing to deal with these things. When first removed, it may not split out a profit at that time, each side must reach a certain target, and then think of the PE value is higher, and you do not split up a high growth business, or you enough how to do business. We were split up to do advertising, do advertising budgets, a new company, such as heaven and earth removed from the A came out, I remember doing more than one billion dollars in investment, when we have done such a budget, the company leading to speak your profits too low, the value of dismantling them less, so let's cut advertising.

In fact, the publicity was very important to us, was not the name of Digital China, the market how you kind of recognition, then we invented a drip-style marketing to our clients and all have a breakdown, breakdown is over, What kind of publicity we feel that way and promote the way they will get the message, bit by bit to do, we cut half of the budget situation, to achieve the publicity. At that time, a little dizzy, on the one hand to promote, but also do not have much money.

Moderator: In 2003, burned by the first quarter earnings, and then immediately reversed the situation. The losses "Magic", how did you achieve?

Guo Wei: not magic, I think the phone itself is a new business, as I created a new unit, but my main force in fact not random, but Zhezhi vanguard been some impact, so I measures to cut down the time it had no choice, but time does not directly say, ton output capacity of feeling, in fact, is to cut down our hearts, and then we have with China Mobile set up a joint venture, this part transferred out, we will no longer be a business phone, and back through speaking, how kind of our internal comb, to enhance some of the requirements of execution, the requirements of the staff responsible, quick to profit.

We decided to get all sorts of people can understand us, then how big worry is that the media see how the public view, another one is how investors will look, then a bank will not be pumping money, these are likely to occur, then a Staff have no confidence in the management team, our management team do not need to adjust the style, all of which we are all solved.

The picture shows the president and CEO of Digital China Guo Wei

Moderator: In your house is a very tough one person?

Guo Wei: I should not be a very tough man.

Moderator: But we are in contact with other veterans of Digital China, when there is a very interesting phenomenon, that is, first of all the new people come in is blown away by your own, and then said that Digital China is good, I like. How you like to win their trust, how to dig them for?

Guo Wei: I think I like the like-minded, just as in the past about the revolution is not a dinner party, not an issue, it is not style and no substance, is a common cause of complete, not who I choose, but I set a goal to develop a a vision to develop the company's business philosophy and values, all agree that people can come.

But then, there will even come in a number of standards, not to say that you want to come on. After you agree, will be mandatory to do follow these things, but the premise is we want to first on a voluntary basis, but you have to accept such a set, do you want to accept, do not you just talk tough tough, in fact, tough is not tough is the same, it is a guideline, you do not accept please do not do it, would you accept to do well, because each person's time, life is very limited, very valuable, there is no need go to the game of life, we should very seriously our every day and every time, every place, I was so, I hope that my partner should be considered, you do everything for you, have little value to others. If you do not value things we do not.

Moderator: Digital China up to now the number of airborne?

Guo Wei: From a different perspective, the first one is Zhang Yi, airborne capital operation is done, when the public fully understand we have to, regrettably, say, English can not speak to market, are facing a lot of people in Europe and America. Then there are airborne, but relatively more in the new business, not the first time the general fall airborne position directly, may fall a little bit left a bit biased position, after a period of time to see, in his placed in the seat, like Zhang Yi Bing said, we race the horses, all of which are in competition to compare, distinguish.

Moderator: ask another question, Lenovo acquired IBM PC business worldwide, we are all concerned about the association that one, but we would like to ask another question, IBM will focus on services that one, beginning in the Digital created in the same direction, you were IBM to know when this piece of direction, you will be very pleased?

Guo Wei: Originally, it is moving in this direction, not because I like how it's happy or not.

Moderator: or is now among the world's Lenovo International to be done now many people know that you had the urge to internationalize it?

Guo Wei: I did not.

Moderator: the future has been not to do it?

Guo Wei: After a later date, at least not now.

Moderator: how you look at distribution and direct marketing?

Guo Wei: As we buy a thing, you can go to Dorset, Lufthansa, you can go to Silk Street, or you can go to Carrefour, but also can go to the street of small shops, I think diversity is a characteristic of the market, not There will only be a model, I think distribution is one of direct Ye Hao. Back in terms of, you said IBM told us what to do service, I think the same thing could not have one person do the same mineral water, there are so many brands, there are differences in its inside, I think value distribution with distribution, direct marketing with direct marketing value. The value of each see themselves doing, and you will survive.

User: IT services is a big market. For Digital speaking, what you do? What are you doing it?

Guo Wei: I think we selected the areas identified in our own to do, such as finance, telecommunications, tax, government, the government also said that we have selected a few features, we have not selected industries, we are sure to do not do it, because IT services are divided by our customers, mainly according to the customer that we do or not do. Refuse to do or more, or less done.

User: Digital recently heard too many voices, why are you such a low profile?

Guo Wei: no, I do not think there is a high-profile and low-key, any enterprise must do under the company's positioning. Digital China is engaged in the service of a particular service in a high-tech industry, it should first of all to the customer's image is its credibility, the honor of his degree, it is a very reliable, is not it visibility, to become too large and useless. For example, we do finance, mostly bank financial sector companies are aware of Digital China.

For instance, we do Telecom, the four major telecom operators are aware of the brand of Digital China. We do tax, each country also know that the Inland Revenue Department Digital brand and know what we were doing. So I think they have enough.

For them, the me how they feel, said Digital is first made, say two to do the second of which is very important. Overall speaking, we are relying on word of mouth to achieve, we do not rely on advertising, not to say overwhelming to advertise all day on CCTV, people will buy our stuff, and not that simple. So I think we not high profile and low-profile, the core is to bring the things we have done well, can not have any mishap.

User: Digital Now let you feel the most proud of the aspects of what is it?

Guo Wei: I think it is one of our team, because you can say this, in the area of distribution which, we really have first-class team, and the continuous development of the team is still a very young a team, I am 97 years When this piece of business took over, when the main backbone is mainly born of 60 years, and today the team worked hard in the first line of 70 years are mainly the times very young team. So we can keep our distribution inside the expanding field of victories, and competitors constantly widening the gap, it is because of the role of the team.

Another one of our new business, the software services business, software services business, the mature mature our team, our ERP team, we not only foreign companies and competition, including domestic ERP. Including our financial team, the number of people on the whole we can not compare with many multinational companies, some are not many, some of the TNCs, but we are still good.

As an example, they do a training, national training video systems, please do introduce our experts, including this group of people, the backbone of this group I am very proud of.

User: Digital China's strength lies in strategy or execution?

Kuo Wei: I think it is the relative balance between the two, as the industry in terms of IT indeed our management team's understanding for the whole industry is more comprehensive. Recently direction, the value of points, you will feel how do you not do more profitable business, which has a relationship with our philosophy, we are going to do something like China Digital, we must firmly focus on such themes do We must have a starting point.

Execution Objectively speaking, in terms of association with our brother, execution as they do good, they are better than us, we combine the two as possible, with the majority of enterprises to the ratio of our execution still very good. Actually, the most simple thing, when we emerged in 2003 after the loss, the reason why it can be quickly reversed, we can fight a very collective.

User: Your mind competitors?

Guo Wei: The company's business model is a very interesting thing, we often ask our frame of reference, we have a global frame of reference is not, so I think we do not have with whom to compare the so-called , whom to compete, in different areas, may have different competitors, such as our distribution area, the competitors are Ingram Micro, etc. companies. In some areas there is also specific to different areas such as e-government, largely dominated by domestic companies, multinational corporations based mainly in the financial, I think this is a structure of the feature.

User: doing business is the need to invest, to do services need sustained investment, in fact, IBM is to vote the money for 10 years before the results of today, the domestic service industry does not look how to make money, how kind and competition Digital opponents to pull the gap, how to break through this obstruction to upgrade their IT services, software application rate?

Guo Wei: This is a very good question, we do business the price or value of the business enterprise is the price of the stock price, the so-called enterprise value is the long-term future of this company what it was like, just as the friends talked about this, IBM's transition more than ten years, has shown strong momentum recently the late 90's things, they are in the early 80 almost 20 years, so I feel that we are a very long road.

Take today, including the Fair to participate in the soft terms of the feedback received, whether government leaders, peers or partners, including our customers really appreciate the past five years, the changes which Digital China, should say is great. From the ability to turnover, to the structure of talent, so I think this change is to show the value of an enterprise system. I think the next 5 years or even longer, I believe this change will ultimately create a business value. The so-called enterprise value is that you can enter a sustained and stable industry, and in which a vanguard of the industry.

Netizen: Do you think the shareholders will give you a few years time?

Guo Wei: I can only say that he could only give me a year's time, I really do not know will give me a few years, but I think I am not just responsible to shareholders, they are likely to see long-term, there may not see, I have to be responsible for my staff, my cause, my goal, especially large shareholders can see the small shareholders he could not see, I shall explain, I will make them realize that each year there will be growth, but also a large, I think in the future there will be a very large value.

User: Please chat, Digital and Site Qi of cooperation in telecommunications?

Guo Wei: still in negotiations, because the two companies and integrating the two businesses is not easy, we have released the information that we go together, because the shareholders Site Qi is a very complex structure, we regard each recognition of the value or the need to fully understand.

Moderator: Chat to the present, we ask users to ask the last few questions.

User: The company is continuous improvement, and now Digital which you think there is also need to improve the problem?

Guo Wei: I think what needs to be improved still very much in the short term, I think the main problem that is based on customer-centric process reengineering is the most pressing issue. Because the traditional sense, most of our business are product-centric or project-centered, Digital China is no exception. But with the new economic development, especially in the first few years on, now talk about the so-called experience economy, including the so-called post-industrial society, the most important signs that you need to understand the difference our customers in this process , we must establish a customer-centric the whole system, which are great things.

Another point that despite the very great importance to talent, but I know within our business to make in how to promote good people stand out mechanism is inadequate, and we hope that in the current breakthrough.

Also in the risk management system, how to maintain its long-term stability, build our own system of so-called risk.

Moderator: There is a problem, users have asked for a very long time, I always keep the hope for as the end of this chat.

User: Please Mr Guo look ahead, the future of Digital China is what like?

Guo Wei: We hope that the future of Digital China is a respected company, if we look at ten, twenty, or even a longer time perspective, I think we want it to IT field in China, which, or high-tech inside and become a respected company, making employees Ye Hao, investors have all received due reward.

Moderator: We believe that the future of Digital China will be a people respected company, today reported a paragraph chat, very Xiexie Guo total, Thank you friends, thank you for participation.

Guo Wei: Thank you.

The chat is now over

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do not let your single into a disturbance with

With a single one of the important work of sales, the overall quality of the sales staff demanding. With the single aim is to get the order or contact customers a means to maintain cooperation. Some sales staff can not alone in thinking seriously now, some fear that with a single salesperson, some of the documentary is too arbitrary, and some even with a single turned into the harassment of the customer; These practices not only work with their sales to the great difficulties, but also affect the company's reputation, lost customers and a serious will have to bring it order the hand. The result is every day with the single, every day without results. So in the end with a single mind to?

1, make the customer data collection. Since it is a documentary, it shows that we have and will l have had clients, customers understand the basic situation. Want to continue to do so is as much as possible to collect information, understand the customer business case for further follow up, set good goals and methods. Understand the customer really needs your product, it is very important.

2, Society of customer psychology, straightforward question clearly does not place an order reasons. Some customers may just ask the price, or do not really need the product, for such customer, after the second with a single judge should be. These clients can include C class, which is required for long-term customers. Such customers with single-cycle can be longer, once a month as well. Some clients do not directly reject, or place an order, this type of customer is likely to be financial problems or is still, and compare similar products, these customers can be grouped into B class, which is short-term fight to the customers. For such customers do not tell too tight, a phone call a week is appropriate. There is also a customer order that has been promised but has yet to sign a contract, such customer-A class of customers, in time for the visit must be a good interview, not an interview, be sure to ask clear through the phone customers are still difficulties . In time to help customers resolve

3, do a good job with a single registration, it is best to write clearly the date and simple enough. Do a good job with the single registration is to avoid harassment with the single best way to become. Because of registration, also put your change with a single planned and targeted. Also note that a company can not have a few sales staff at the same time with a client, it will not only reach with a single purpose, will lead to customer dissatisfaction.

4, with a single mind to be calm, do not be too utilitarian. Seller is not a lot of interest from customers, clients do not care about the problems with the client to blindly the orders, do not get an order, the verbal abuse, assault, importune. Can only allow customers to hate, so customers are not talking about business but a nuisance. One must proceed from the long-term with a view to making friends is easier to get orders but the mentality.

With a single skill is more from the practice, sales staff must be good friends, lessons learned, and constantly learn from the sales will be with a single master.

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