Monday, October 18, 2010

Rising drug war Kaspersky million reward

Foreign and domestic anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky anti-virus software vendors between Rising "manslaughter" incident escalation. Yesterday, Rising lawyers issued a statement the company, said that already know a lot of conclusive evidence that the gunman repeatedly Kaspersky employed Forum Rising malicious slander the company, alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and offering a reward of 1 million collected more more evidence on the Kaspersky company international prosecution. Kaspersky said the company did not respond to the incident.

According to industry sources, the incident reflected the domestic anti-virus software market, highly competitive, in order to achieve a commercial purpose, there are companies against each other undesirable phenomena.

Rising: Kaspersky defamation

Rising newspaper in a statement issued yesterday said that since the September 2006 date, the company employed more than Kaspersky forum, blog media company and a large number of forums gunmen (including part of the forum moderators and webmaster), impersonate the user name, by exaggerating the Kaspersky product features, and declared that "Rising product unusable," "can not find the virus," and so wantonly slandered Rising brand and product image, to mislead and deceive the public, and caused the company to the Rising The adverse social impact of serious violations of the Rising legitimate rights and interests of the company's goodwill, the company has seriously affected the normal operation of Rising and caused huge economic losses. Kaspersky companies such acts have been alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and constitutes defamation. Meanwhile, the Rising company also faxed to the newspaper part of the evidence at their disposal a sample.

Meanwhile, the company Rising said yesterday, in view of the company hired several Kaspersky Forum Communications and the gunmen, the company on the Rising up to 9 months of malicious attacks, the company announced Rising, offering a reward of one million yuan to the community to continue to solicit relevant evidence. Was limited to collecting the evidence, on behalf of Kaspersky Labs Forum Communications Rising attacks and forum gunmen (including some of the moderator), on the forum slander, attack behavior Rising commercial contracts, organizational planning, communication, correspondence and tasks , remuneration and other information that the specific approach will reward announced in recent days.

Kaspersky still remain silent

Rising said in a statement, will be asking for more evidence, filed an international lawsuit against Kaspersky, and related media company forum, forums gunmen (including some of the moderator) sued the company and personal commitments related to civil and Criminal and all legal responsibility and compensate all the economic losses.

20, said in a statement on the incident will not make any response to the Kaspersky Chinese companies still remain silent yesterday.

Kaspersky newspaper reporter called the marketing department of China, a dish lady told reporters that at present the company's statement did not make any response Rising. Chinese companies in the Kaspersky site, the reporter saw only 20 issued on "Kaspersky response to killing Rising card" statement, and on May 22 released "Kaspersky not manslaughter China Taiwan Area Windows XP, cause system crashes explanatory notes. "

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